Pita combo meals - souvlaki, gyro plus
All pita combo meals are available for takeout and delivery only.

All pita combo meals include: 
- soup or small Greek or Caesar salad, 
- One pita sandwich or open face,
- side rice or fries or roasted potatoes and 
- 2oz tzatziki or sweet red pepper sauce. 

chicken souvlaki combo meal      24.00  HALAL
pork souvlaki combo meal           23.00
lamb souvlaki combo meal          25.50  HALAL
chicken gyro combo meal            24.00
chicken shawarma combo meal  24.00  HALAL
beef/lamb sliced gyro combo meal  23.00
beef donair combo meal              24.00 

family and party packs
All family packs are available for take out and delivery only.

10 souvlaki sticks   pork  80.00      
                                chicken  90.00      HALAL
                                lamb  105.00   HALAL
10 pork or 10 chicken sticks, 1 LARGE fries or rice, 5  pita bread, 1 LARGE Greek salad + tzatziki.
souvlaki pita for 4   pork  70.00      
                                chicken 75.00     HALAL
                                lamb  78.00    HALAL
4 pork or 4 chicken souvlaki pita sandwiches, 1 LARGE rice or fries, 1 LARGE Greek salad and tzatziki.
pita sandwich for 4 sliced gyro  70.00 
                                chicken gyro  75.00  
                                chicken shawarma   75.00    HALAL
                              beef donair      75.00    HALAL
4 gyro sandwiches on pa sandwiches, 1 LARGE rice or fries, 1 LARGE Greek salad and tzatziki.
souvlaki dinner for 2   pork  70.00  
                                     chicken  75.00     HALAL
                                     lamb  78.00   HALAL
                                   beef donair 28.50  HALAL
                                   chicken shawarma   28.50  HALAL
                                   beef-lamb slices gyro  26.50
                                   chicken gyro  28.50

2 large 7.5oz souvlaki, 2 sides rice and 2 sides roasted potatoes, 2 pita or naan bread, 4oz tzatziki sauce, 1 large Greek or caesar salad, and 2 spanakopita twisters with aioli sauce.


*Prices and availability subject to change without notice